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Mirabeau on Maemo

At FOSDEM Frank and I showed the work we did on Mirabeau, a screencast was made few days before FOSDEM and we showed it but I wanted to add some comments and re-arrange some parts of it, so here it is now, re-arranged with PiTiVi :)

(Video here in ogg/theora/vorbis if your browser fails to play it).

This is still work in progress, we have some issues with Telepathy MUC Tubes, I promised Sjoerd from Telepathy fame to create some new bugs in bugzilla. Also the UI itself still needs work, especially the MediaRenderer UI. I will also at some point add a chatroom window.

Oh and we also won a N900 at the XMPP developer contest thanks to this application! Thanks a lot to the XSF and Nokia :)

by Philippe Normand on Thu Feb 11 16:20:39 2010 (Viewed: 7447 / 3 comments )
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#.   David Nielsen on Thu Feb 11 18:39:18 2010

While I admit this has nothing to do with the, I am sure, excellent program. You get bonus points for presenting the funniest Britney Spears cover ever. Where could one acquire that track?

#.   phil on Fri Feb 12 09:15:37 2010

I don't remember where/how I got it, was quite a few years ago :/

#.   phil on Fri Feb 12 22:57:18 2010

@David: Google for hit me baby one more Second Floor Daycare

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