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Gajim in your GNOME3 Shell

The IM integration in the GNOME3 is interesting, but only for the people using Empathy :) Because my personal preference goes to another client called Gajim I wanted it to fit more in the Shell. To reach this goal I worked on 2 small projects partly during my Igalia hackfest hours and partly during my free time.

The first bit is a Gajim plugin integrating with the GNOME Session-Manager and synchronizing your status in GNOME with your Gajim status.

The second part is a Shell extension hooking to Gajim via D-Bus to monitor chat notifications and allow chatting in the Shell without directly using the Gajim window. This behaves exactly as the Empathy integration.

There's still some work to do, like inhibiting notifications coming from Gajim because currently when a incoming chat appears the user gets a notification from the builtin Shell IM and a notification from Gajim itself. A workaround is to disable some notifications in the Gajim preferences.

As I needed some new D-Bus API in Gajim the Shell extension requires Gajim-nightly >= 20110326.

Congrats to the GNOME Team for this awesome GNOME3 release and happy chating :)

by Philippe Normand on Fri Apr 8 09:57:51 2011 (Viewed: 8923 / 5 comments )
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#.   b on Fri Apr 8 10:28:03 2011

Would be great to have a piece of code to be able to plug in any xmpp client such as swift, psi, pidgin, mcabber and gajim.

#.   phil on Fri Apr 8 10:45:34 2011

The extension code itself is not very complicated...

You need to have some way to get incoming notifications from your client and be able to display/send messages. To do this for Gajim I used their D-Bus API.

Once you have that ^^ the Shell integration is straightforward.

#.   mcepl on Fri Apr 8 21:31:20 2011

Thanks a lot! Using the session plugin already and I have to force Owen to fix gnome-shell extensions in Fedora to get a second. Thank you!

#.   kagesenshi on Wed Apr 13 12:58:05 2011

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the gajim extension. Based on it I managed to create an integration extension for pidgin. :D

For those who are interested:

#.   phil on Wed Apr 13 16:31:28 2011

I'm glad this code is useful :)

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