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Goodbye Fluendo, hello Igalia!

After more than 3 years at Fluendo it was time for me to change and work on new projects/technologies. Elisa, now known as Moovida, has gone a long way since 2006 and I'm sure the project will continue to evolve nicely :)

At the beginning of the week I started working for Igalia, in the Desktop/Mobile team. I will be working from home but this week I am in La Coruña to know my new co-workers, the great office there and the city :) I am very lucky it seems: even the weather is great so far! This Friday we celebrate the 8 years of Igalia in a nice place, as I heard, good opportunity to meet most of the Igalians, I think most of us will be here excepted Claudio and Xan, at least. I started working on WebKitGtk+ and GStreamer with Xan and the other hackers of the WebKit fame that I don't know yet ;) This is cool, but quite a big change for me after nearly 5 years of Python! But I will keep on hacking in Python, at least on Coherence :)

by Philippe Normand on Wed Sep 23 20:29:12 2009 (Viewed: 7264 / 4 comments )
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#.   Diego Pino on Wed Sep 23 23:00:20 2009

Welcome aboard Philippe! Changes are not easy, but for sure you'll have fun here. Happy to have you with us.

Yes! the weather has been so nice this week. Hope it keeps like this, fingers crossed.

BTW, now you joined the family, it'll be nice to have your blog syndicated at Ask some systems guy (Adrian, Berto,...) if you're interested.

#.   vjaquez on Thu Sep 24 10:46:07 2009
Welcome Philippe! :)
#.   phil on Thu Sep 24 11:05:28 2009

Thanks! I will think about planet.igalia ;)

#.   wingo on Sun Sep 27 15:59:35 2009

Congratulations! :-)

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