After more than 3 years at Fluendo it was time for me to change and work on new projects/technologies. Elisa, now known as Moovida, has gone a long way since 2006 and I’m sure the project will continue to evolve nicely :)

At the beginning of the week I started working for Igalia, in the Desktop/Mobile team. I will be working from home but this week I am in La Coruña to know my new co-workers, the great office there and the city :) I am very lucky it seems: even the weather is great so far! This Friday we celebrate the 8 years of Igalia in a nice place, as I heard, good opportunity to meet most of the Igalians, I think most of us will be here excepted Claudio and Xan, at least. I started working on WebKitGtk+ and GStreamer with Xan and the other hackers of the WebKit fame that I don’t know yet ;) This is cool, but quite a big change for me after nearly 5 years of Python! But I will keep on hacking in Python, at least on Coherence :)


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