Last time I blogged about Elisa was end of February in an ultimate attempt to keep up with the weekly news reporting idea. I miserably failed since then… Some people recently asked me some status on Elisa, so I’ll do my best to deliver some periodic insider news of Elisa and the other projects I’m involved on ;)

March was the month of the Elisa organization changes, the bug tracker is slowly moving towards Launchpad, the code was moved to Bazaar branches (about 20 so far) and the code reviews process was officialized (mailing list and BundleBuggy). All these changes are meant to ease contributions to the project and increase its visibility in the FOSS world, we’ll see how it goes :)

The team significantly grew up, we have 2 new developers working on the windows ports of both Pigment and Elisa, one QA manager working on improving the global quality assessment of the code we write and a new graphic designer, smashing his head on the UI ergonomy and look. This is quite amazing, at some point we needed a sheet of paper with names and assigned roles on the wall to keep up with new people arrivals!

So the whole team is mainly working on the upcoming 0.5 branch of Elisa, for which a first release is scheduled in june. Many architecture changes on the table, a revisited UI framework, some new plugins to drive more content to the end-user and the usual fixes. More details to come later about that.

Some news about Pigment, Loïc worked on the OpenGL|ES plugin and support for touchscreens. This opens up Pigment to a wide range of embedded platforms! The plan is to release a 0.4 version soon. Work is heading towards the Pigment 0.5 branch. Guillaume is continuing his efforts on the PAF animation framework, the API is coming along nicely, let’s keep an eye on this promising project.

Last but not least both Pigment and Elisa will be presented at next GUADEC, be sure to attend!