Last weekend I started playing with Telepathy and its tubes in Elisa. What I prototyped is two plugins:

  • a Telepathy plugin able to:
    • join a Multi-User Chatroom (over local-xmpp or standard Jabber)
    • share a set of DBus Tubes in that room
    • connect to other Tubes shared in the room and do remote DBus calls
  • a Recommended plugin able to:
    • get a list of media recommended by people from the chatroom
    • recommend a media to all people of the chatroom

The work is reallly early stage and I had issues connecting to a Jabber MUC, I need to debug it and eventually report to the Telepathy hackers :) Anyway, here’s a little demo video showing off 2 Elisa users sharing Youtube video links over the local network.

NB: Yes I know, Elisa on my MacMini is running slowww, on the eeepc it runs better ;)

Many other cool features can be implemented following those principles:

  • share media with your IM roster
  • chat
  • stream videos (?)
  • media playback notifications over IM
  • and many things I haven’t yet thought about :)