UPnP used to be bound to local network. We’re working around this with Coherence and Telepathy tubes to bridge 2 (or more) coherence instances over Jabber chatrooms. So the 2 screenshots below are a glimpse of what we will show at GDCS on the 7th of July :)

On Frank’s desktop in Germany, 2 UPnP MediaServers showing up in his LAN. One is local (my media) and the other one is mine, in Spain. If you click on the image you’ll see that the device UUID contains the tube string and that the media link is my IP in Spain.

Here is my desktop, showing my local MediaServer and Frank’s server:

This is a early-stage prototype, there are still things to improve and new features to implement, like sharing a folder directly from Empathy with a single contact of the roster. For playback we can’t yet do NAT traversal, so the Coherence IP address and port are currently hardcoded. We will implement ICE support later on. More to say during the talk :)