I gave a talk about Coherence and Telepathy at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit with Frank on tuesday. It went well, there were about 50 people. I think most of the people got the concept we tried to explain: UPnP devices and services are not bound to local network anymore, thanks to the combination of Coherence and XMPP through Telepathy. The slides should be online soon, will post an update to this post when I know the url ;)

Part of the Coherence gang including Benjamin, Frank and me is here at Las Palmas, feel free to grab us if you have any question. It was also nice to meet Karl Vollmer, the Ampache lead developer :)

So we are quite excited about Mirabeau, work on it will continue during the summer and a first release should happen in september. I’m writing a little howto explaining how to easily try the current (work-in-progress) version of Mirabeau, it will land in the wiki in the coming days ;)

update: Slides are there