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This was a nice week in A Coruña, Spain. The WebKitGTK+ Hackfest went well I think :) The Igalia office is great for such an event, the organization/infrastructure was well done, the hotel near the office was awesome, what else? We managed to get things done code-wise! Even though the list is big some items were proudly erased from the TODO like:

  • Dan started a rewrite of some parts of libsoup with gio and worked on the soup URI loader
  • Xan and Gustavo worked on form authentication saving in WebKitGTK+/Epiphany
  • Xan did some good progress on DOM bindings
  • User-Agent support in Epiphany
  • Page cache control support in WebKitGTK+ was merged by Alex
  • Alex did some work on a11y support for WebKitGTK+
  • Bedhad and Evan worked on Harfbuzz integration (instead of Pango)
  • Reinout built a list of Epiphany regressions to fix
  • Evan and Benjamin worked on improving the build process (size and time)
  • Martin and Cody worked on ARGB windows support for WebKitGTK+
  • Benjamin went on war against crashers
  • and I worked on merging HTML5 video controls and the media tests
  • probably a lot more I didn’t catch during all the discussions ;)

Still some work to do though, like for HTML5 audio/video support:

  • on-disk buffering
  • fullscreen view
  • closed captions (this seems very specific to SMIL)
  • pitch control (when scrubbing)
  • enhanced controls UI
  • and still some media tests to fix :)

So thank you to Igalia, Collabora and the GNOME foundation for sponsoring this event!


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