Time to release ? iAggregator is an original and lightweight news aggregator, using your mail reader as GUI. Hey man, mutt rox.

Funny iAggregator features are:

  • supports all RSS formats through Mark Pilgrim modules (the parser has been rewrote using DOM instead of sgmllib)
  • possibility to define the frequency of feeds fetching
  • simple 2-minuts-chrono configuration
  • transmit news by email
  • can be safely runned by a cron job (advice: each 10 minuts)
  • generate a procmailrc so that everything comes sorted on different mailboxes

This is a FSL (Finix Standard Library) product.(http://finix.org)

Authors are:

  • Jerome Kerdreux
  • Ludovic Bellier
  • Philippe Normand

Get it here.

Update : 0.0.2 lacks main iAggregator script. 0.0.3 fixes this problem ;)