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There has been some media coverage of the hackfest already so I’ll just focus on one area, Multimedia!

I think this fourth edition of the event was the first with so many hackers focusing on Multimedia:

  • Xabier and Zan worked on the media controls and finally landed the GStreamer 1.0 build support in our JHBuild moduleset so the buildbots now run the tests with a modern GStreamer setup
  • Jonathon focused on the Mediastream/WebRTC backend
  • Victor has been working on audio pitch preservation
  • yours truly dedicated most of his time on porting the WebAudio backend to GStreamer 1.0 and hunting two small bugs in the deinterleave and interleave elements

We also had a small session about the current status of Multimedia in WebKitGTK+ with a summary of what’s been done recently, the work in progress and plans for the future. It’s interesting because there is always a new W3C specification to implement and bugs to fix :)

A warm thank you to all the sponsors and organizers that made the event possible, it was really nice to meet new (and old) friends, hack on interesting tasks and keep pushing for a vibrant project such as WebKitGTK+ :)


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