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There’s been lots of discussions recently about Django, TurboGears, and other Rails … With the release of Quixote 2.3, a thread started on quixote-users mailing list about Quixote’s popularity. There are some very interesting thoughts in this thread, proposing a sample application skeleton which Dulcinea would provide. Indeed at mems-exchange there’s a bunch of good stuff:

  • Durus provides data persistance (think of ZODB, but simpler)
  • scgi protocol implementation
  • Sancho is a unit-test framework
  • the well-known Quixote :-)
  • and Dulcinea which aims at helping the developer gluing Quixote and Durus

Put all of this together, add some CRUD, add some hyper-hype Ajax goodies and you get another Mega-Framework, YMMV of course.