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Gstreamer based python audio player in no time

I’m learning to develop with Gstreamer 0.10 framework, which natively comes with Python binding, which is rare enough to notice for a project.

So, starting an audio player is quite simple:

  • create a player from the GstElement factory
  • give your file uri to the player and set it to play
  • start a loop (i used gobject here, but it should work with gtk.main() or a while-true loop)

Here is the code:

import pygst
import gst
import gobject, sys

def play_uri(uri):
    " play an uri like file:///home/foo/bar.mp3 "

    mainloop = gobject.MainLoop()
    player = gst.element_factory_make("playbin", "player")

    print 'Playing:', uri
    player.set_property('uri', uri)

Ok, this is a start, now i need to:

  • get status information
  • seek + / -
  • play/pause/stop
  • manage a playing queue
  • manage video playing

So things will be a bit more complicated in a moment ;)