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Last month i moved from Brest to Lyon, for a new job. I’m now working with Fluendo folks on a Gstreamer/Python media center open-source project since March 1st.

The project is very ambitious, the plan is to provide a cross-platform, great looking media-center supported by a community of developers and users (like Gstreamer for instance). We are working hard, i’ll probably post more on that topic later on.

So, moving on was a bit hard, including flat-hunting, lots of administrative tasks (phone, electricity, dsl subscriptions and i forget some others). I’m not finished yet, but quite lazy for the remaining ones. Flat hunting was hard but my new home is quite good, i’m happy with it ;) And many thanks to Gagoune for hosting me during few weeks!

BTW hello to planet gstreamer! Very happy to be here :)