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Few days since last post ;)

Just compiled a CVS HEAD snapshot of fdo, and using the xserver-inst shell script compiled it in a snap. It’s been few months since my first test and I see the difference.

After a little issue on xserver compilation (disable mesa drivers in xserver/hw/, the thing got launched this quick and durty way:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/fdo/lib
sudo /opt/fdo/bin/Xati -shadow -2button -mouse /dev/psaux -mode 0x0143 :0 &
aterm -display :0 &

In the term:

/opt/fdo/bin/xcompmgr &
golem &

Xati is sort of usable, even without 3D support. I haven’t really tried to get it for now though. Few keyboard problems. Xine nor mplayer got working :(

Essential screenshot where you can see xrestop and fdclock running: