After nearly 4 months of active development, the first alpha release of Elisa pops up in the intraweb. This is a MediaCenter application developed in Python using technologies like Twisted for networking and loop, OpenGL for rendering and GStreamer for multimedia playback. The project is funded by Fluendo.

If you want to see how it looks like, checkout the screencast i made using the amazing Istanbul tool and rendered using the Cortado applet. A big thank you to Istanbul’ author, Zaheer, for his great work, especially for OpenGL apps capture support!

If you’re not a Java fan, go checkout videos on GoogleVideo and YouTube!

Basically the version we are releasing is the one that was showed during Guadec 3 weeks ago. It has basic working features (see details on website), but the code is still quite unstable and tends to crash sometimes ;) Don’t hesitate to try it out anyway, we already had some interesting feedback and few developers start to show up on our IRC channel.


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