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After nearly 6 months spent living in Lyon, I headed south once more, to Barcelona :) I entered a new flat with 2 other frenchie fellows, we’ll be damn fine there!!

We still have some administrative paper work to do, but it can wait, we did the essential ones.. The flat is a bit messy right now, there are stuff to unpack lying around, and pieces to put back together, but it will get better soon ;)

It seems there are many things to visit right there. Beach is nice too, and mountains are not that far… So much to discover!

So, I will be in the same office as my co-workers at Fluendo, still working on Elisa. I think the project will evolve faster and better in this new context. Talking with people face to face is really better than IRC or video-conferencing; and by the way Fluendo folks are so fun to work with :)