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After Edgy Eft official release, I figured out it might be a good idea to upgrade my laptop running Dapper… Because I didn’t want to spend hours in front of the screen waiting the 800Mb to get downloaded, I did the upgrade remotely via SSH

Ok i was a bit of a player here :) So far, so good, everything runs fine, until i loose my SSH connection, in the middle of the upgrade… Hmmm, back at home, the computer simply made me the “black screen of death”… reboot… hard disk corrupted, e2fsck got fskd up… boot using a live CD, try to repair the partition… reboot… continue upgrade… had to reinstall some packages after disk corruption (like upstart, ncurses and some others)… 2 hours later… I get an edgy efted ;)

Now evolution messes up with my IMAP folders and doesn’t want to remember folder subscriptions… Hrmm.. Then trying to get hibernation support back… My swap partition blows at each boot, so the resume-from-disk doesn’t work.. 1 hour later I got it solved thanks to this

I read that many people upgraded like a charm using the easy way (update-manager or something…), maybe next time i’ll give it a try :)

Good job Ubuntu folks by the way, Edgy (once working right) is a good milestone.

update: It seems i’m not the only one who had problems upgrading .. Good to know we’re all in the same boat ;)