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So I was at FOSDEM 2007. Nice conf, many people and interesting talks. I crashed at Thomas’_ place for the week-end, thanks dude :-) Of particular interest:

I wish I could attend to OneTeam and Telepathy talks. Thomas told me about a nice project presented there as well: MetaSploit.

Elisa talk went quite well, I got many interesting questions especially about the PVR we plan to bring in at some point. The Seamless guy showed up at the end of the talk, Seamless is a DVD player written in Python and using GStreamer. It wasn’t updated for a while, still using gst 0.8 as I understood. But soon it’ll be ported to 0.10 and maybe at some point an Elisa DVD plugin will be available :)

Stefan gave me a N770 so that I can hack on a Elisa client for Maemo platform, thanks again Stefan!