So I attended GUADEC for the second time… Was quite nice, interesting talks about the GNOME desktop, Online, or not. It was also good to see people I often discuss with on IRC, Jabber or by mail :)

The Elisa talk went fine, but afterwards many people kept asking about our embedded plans for the project. So yes this is one of the Elisa goals, we plan at some point in a far future to see how we can integrate Elisa in dedicated set-top-boxes. But there’s nothing real yet, nobody’s really working on that. Right now the whole team is working to get a rock-solid Elisa deployed on as many desktops as possible, including various Linux distributions (Debian, Suse, Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu), MacOSX, OpenSolaris and soon Windows.

The community aspect is also the key. In one year we managed to build a small (but growing!) user community. Developers are now getting more familiar with Elisa and Pigment APIs and we are doing our best to include every contribution in both projects.

So guys, I repeat, just to be sure I’m understood this time: Elisa is not only about Embedded world. We think about you, yes you, the Desktop user :)