During this pre-holiday week the Elisa team has been busy working on the new user-interface…

Florian hunted a bunch of memory leaks in the MVC and Observer/Observable frameworks. He also found some inside Pigment. This will lead us to a lighter (memory wise) Elisa application. Christophe is hidden below his “monton” of rush-hours-pre-holiday work too, thanks to him and Florian the Elisa UI is really eye-candy-rocking!

I finally committed the long-awaited Youtube plugin, it works quite well, using the GData API I previously blogged about. I also did some random fixes in the new frontend. Alessandro has been busy getting the new frontend to work on the Samsung Q1 (which has a nice and large touchscreen), so he polished mouse support for a bunch of widgets.

Benjamin worked on playlist display support in the new UI. So you can access current playlist from the “Audio” menu. It’s easy to enqueue songs as well. It’s not the final integration, but it at least shows that we are aware of some basic features missing in Elisa and that we are doing something about it :)

Loïc worked on Python bindings for the matrix transformations he committed previous week. This allows us to do even more bling inside Elisa! Guillaume fixed some Pigment bugs and deadlocks like usual at lightning speed, especially an annoying one about Texts regeneration, thanks Pigment dudes!

Lionel played with Pigment matrix transformations to implement some “loading animations” for the new UI, so that during long tasks (like Flickr requests), the UI remains responsive and displays something nice while the user is waiting useful stuff to be displayed :) Lionel is also continuing to hunt bugs and other oddities of the frontend.

On the Coherence front, Frank did some Rhythmbox backend hacking and continued to help Morty on the Last.FM backend. I still hope I’ll be able to test that before end of the year. :)

That’s all for this week. Next week should be pretty calm, happy holidays, merry Elisa Christmas!