Heh no news since 2007 fall, something went wrong! In fact it was due to holidays, work overload and some unintended days off I had to take. Anyway, sorry about that, let’s move onto EWN #4!

So, since christmas the Elisa team achieved good work, polishing Elisa and Pigment for releases which happened on Jan, 15th. Elisa 0.3.3 “Mayfly” got released, Pigment 0.3.3 “Gryffindor” and Pigment-Python 0.3.1 “Slytherin” were released! As you can see Loïc splitted the Python bindings part out of Pigment core, both projects have now quite separate release cycles and it’s a lot easier to manage that way, developers interested only on the C/GObject API can follow Pigment-core development and Python developers will be interested to follow both :)

I won’t cover details about the releases here, people can read the release links above. However I’m strongly advising people to give Elisa a fresh run. The new UI really blows away the end-user experience, we already got tremendous feedback from enthousiast users and it looks like we’re moving in the right direction, let’s stay in the path now :)

So we are now preparing next release cycle, we already found some bugs in the 0.3.3 version, but no show-stopper yet. I’m preparing the Debian packages, unofficial ones are already updated for Gutsy on i386 architecture, we’ll soon support more architectures (like amd64). Official Debian packages needs some refreshing too, uploads to debian experimental should happen soon, next week I hope; followed by a sync request for Ubuntu Hardy.

The Elisa team recently welcomed Guido, a new Python developer who will first work on the Elisa Plugins management system to allow users to easily download and manage plugins from Elisa UI and to allow Elisa developers to upload new Elisa plugins in the upcoming community-driven website. That’s one of highest priority tasks for the next Elisa release cycle, users (and developers!) have been waiting for it, we now have human resources to accomplish it. I’ll most likely help Guido on that big thing.

The windows versions of Pigment and Elisa were not released for this cycle, we had some issues and no time to fix them properly, sorry for being vague :)

On the Coherence side, Frank released 0.5.0 version, congratulations to him! He’s planning to do a presentation of the project at next FOSDEM, be sure to be there, UPnP is getting more and more interest these days.

That’s it for the 3-weeks-weekly news, next round next week with some progress reports and good news on the Elisa front!