ReInteract is a nice tool, I thought it could be a good idea to make a Pigment extension for it.

Repgm allows the reinteract user to integrate a Pigment canvas inside Reinteract, as shown in the screenshot below:

I’d have a made a screencast but my laptop would have died trying to keep up :) It’s quite easy to test tho:

  • download ReInteract

  • download Repgm, put the 2 files inside reinteract working copy

  • run reinteract uninstalled:

  • play with repgm :)

The repgmtools is only intended for test/demo purpose, one can directly play with repgm.canvas() which returns a ReCanvas instance. ReCanvas inherits from pgm.Canvas and the ReInteract CustomResult class so as to nicely integrate in the reinteract UI. Once that canvas is created, any Pigment operation is possible:

  • adding images, text, …
  • animate things and so on
  • play media with GStreamer

So this makes a nice tool for the Pigment wanabee eager to interactively learn how to use Pigment in Python!

update: Fixed svn link