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Two weeks ago I bought my N810 with the discount code kindly offered by Nokia for the Maemo development program. The device is really nice, the OS2008 provides a totally new user experience (compared to the version I used on my N770). So here are few remarks I have after few weeks of usage:

  • the padlock slider is too easy to activate.
  • the keyboard is coool but I sometimes have difficulties with the keys of the first row in the keyboard. To me they are slightly too near from the screen.
  • I dislike the kinda “micro” USB plug, it looks like some Nokia specific plug, a mini-usb plug would have been more handy so that I could use the same USB wire as for my camera.

So far I used the IM a bit with Frank for a video chat and with Mom for an audio-only GoogleTalk chat. Sound is good but video quality was bad, I need to make more tests I guess :)

Played a bit with MediaStreamer and Coherence, everything works fine, excepted seeking that’s lacking because Coherence HTTP server doesn’t yet support HTTP range requests.

I also did some media transcoding so that I can watch videos on the device. Videos need to be encoded in MP4 at some specific resolutions. Fortunately there’s an handy script at to do the whole job for me :)

Last weekend I gave a try to geottagging using the documentation on Maemo wiki. I ended up with a nice KML file that can be displayed on Google Earth and Google Maps (see below too). I’ll directly integrate these features in my gallery soon, geotagging is an interesting thing, especially for my next holidays… :)

Agrandir le plan

In the coming weeks I’ll start developing user-interfaces using the Python EFL libraries. I’ll most likely play a bit with the Coherence MediaRenderer called Compere, so far implemented using PyGame and try to rework it with the EFL libs… More to come later :)

edit: Frank the Coherence guru reminds me that Coherence de facto supports HTTP range requests but MediaStreamer HTTP client doesn’t implement the seek requests correctly… :)