Yeah GNOME 2.22 is out! Yeah Elisa 0.3.5 is out ! Let’s celebrate :) Well it still has no DVB, no standard DVD, no HD-DVD (it’s dead anyway), no Blue-ray support BUT 0.3.5 brings drag&drop, a little nice splash screen, Codeina (or CodecBuddy, or whatever its name now), some UI improvements and the usual bugfixes. I really think we’re on the right track, the software is slowly but surely getting mature, people actually write Elisa plugins, translate Elisa in their language and help us to hunt bugs, this is cool.

Pigment 0.3.5 was recently released too. Loïc and Guillaume are now starting to work on the future Pigment and they have already ambitious great plans, good stuff to come for sure, let’s keep an eye on how it will evolve :) I’m especially looking forward the Paf! animation framework, let’s stop reinventing the animation framework wheel now, we need a generic animation framework, be sure to read Guillaume’s post, it’s very interesting.