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With a release per month, Coherence is evolving rapidly, the community is coming along, it’s nice to see the IRC channel filling up with developers and users. Recently Frank added a backend for Tracker, it’s a bit rough on the edges currently and publishes only the Music files over UPnP, but support for Videos and Pictures publishing will come soon! In the future, every media file you’ll have on your desktop monitored by Tracker will be potentially available to the other devices of your living network via UPnP.

One nice use-case is to use Rhythmbox on one computer to play the media hosted on another desktop, transparently, with no headaches of setting up a network share. Work is currently being done towards a desktop applet called gcoherence meant to ease the configuration and setup of Coherence:

Another new feature of Coherence is a MediaServer backend for Ampache, a web-based audio jukebox system. I haven’t tested that one yet, but Ampache looks like a nice toy to play with in the near future :)

Great stuff guys, keep up the good work :)