Once again this year I attended the GStreamer conference and just before that, Embedded Linux conference Europe which took place in Lyon (France). Both events were a good opportunity to demo one of the use-cases I have in mind for GstWPE, HTML overlays!

As we, at Igalia, usually have a booth at ELC, I thought a GstWPE demo would be nice to have so we can show it there. The demo is a rather simple GTK application presenting a live preview of the webcam video capture with an HTML overlay blended in. The HTML and CSS can be modified using the embedded text editor and the overlay will be updated accordingly. The final video stream can even be streamed over RTMP to the main streaming platforms (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer)! Here is a screenshot:

The code of the demo is available on Igalia’s GitHub. Interested people should be able to try it as well, the app is packaged as a Flatpak. See the instructions in the GitHub repo for more details.

Having this demo running on our booth greatly helped us to explain GstWPE and how it can be used in real-life GStreamer applications. Combining the flexibility of the Multimedia framework with the wide (wild) features of the Web Platform will for sure increase the synergy and foster collaboration!

As a reminder, GstWPE is available in GStreamer since the 1.16 version. On the roadmap for the mid-term I plan to add Audio support, thus allowing even better integration between WPEWebKit and GStreamer. Imagine injecting PCM audio coming from WPEWebKit into an audio mixer in your GStreamer-based application! Stay tuned.


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